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Shiatsu practitioner (Profession governed by the L.n°4 january 14,2013)



Three years of Vocational training  (2004 - 2007)

at  ShambalaShiatsu school in Milan,

according to the parameters of the Italian Shiatsu Federation (FISieo) and the National Federation of shiatsu Schools  (FNSS).

- Practical training conducted in the period between Sept. 2007-June 2008, followed by the master Douglas Gattini, headmaster of  Shambala shiatsu school


- professional pratictioner with Italian Shiatsu Federation since 2008

- Member of the  examinations board "Shambala Shiatsu" since 2009.


Teacher at Shambala Shiatsu School in Milan from 2012.


- March 2014 - Skills Certificate  issued by Lombardy Region in making treatment and advice by Shiatsu techniques .
(under L.R. 19/07)

Upgrade and specialization 


International Meeting of Shiatsu (Rome - Nov 2007)

National FISieo meeting:

2014 Montesilvano, 2013 Genoa, 2012 Montesilvano, 2011 Rimini, 2009 Castelfusano, 2008 Montesilvano


Shiatsu and Parkinson (2011),
Shiatsu and Intention (2009)
Shiatsu and the immune system (2008),

Shiatsu and drug addiction  (2007),

Shiatsu and Oncology (2007),

Shiatsu and the "other half of the sky" (2006)

The gifts of the menstrual cycle (2006),
Shiatsu and Shen (2005)

Other holistic Disciplines 

First, second and third diploma  of Integrative and unifying medicine of Dr. Nader Butto

1st level of traditional Mikao Usui ReiKi

1st level Tibetan "Chag Wang Kum Kye" Reiki

Personal Training and  skills

Degree in Natural Sciences

achieved in 2001 at the University of Milan

Bassist, songwriter and composer

approaches to the study of music at the age of 14 years before taking private lessons then attending the CEMM (Educational center of modern music) and the International Academy of Music in Milan in particular courses of jazz.

Professor of theory and instrument at the  Ambrosiana Academy  in Milan since 2012

Trattamento del collo
Trattamento del meridiano di V.B.
trattamento del meridiano di V.B
Trattamento del piede
Trattamento del meridiano di Stomaco
Trattamento zone Shu
"Armonia" Belgioioso 2012
Trattamento arti inferiori


since 2006 Wellness Fair "Harmony" in Belgioioso

as Shiatsu practitioner at the stand of  Italian Shiatsu Federation and  Shambala  Shiatsu Milan

Yoga Festival - Olis Festival and various exhibitions in Milan from 2010 to today as  shiatsu practitioner

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