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Douglas Gattini (under construnction and revision)

Director of Studies of the School ShambalaShiatsu Milan.

Born in Chile in 1950, the son of a naturopath, since 1970, is engaged in the field of holistic disciplines.

And 'Shiatsu practitioner since 1985 and since 1987 is also an instructor of this discipline that practice since 1979. He studied with masters Shiatsu is Japanese and European.

In 1990 he was a founder of the Italian Federation of Shiatsu ( of which he held the position of vice president in 1993/94.

E 'was president of the European Federation Shiatsu ( in the years 1994/6.

In 1995 she was asked by Prof. Fosco Maraini and Prof Mario Scalise to be part dell'AISTUGIA (Italian Association for Japanese Studies), a national association formed university professors researchers of Japanese culture.

From 1998 to 2000 he was a member of the Cultural Institute of the FIS.

In 2000 he was one of the founders of the National Federation FNSS Schools

From 2000 to 2006 he was President of the Italian Federation of Shiatsu.

In 2003 he founded the ISN, the 'International Shiatsu Network -

From 2007 to 2010 was president of the IAS Interassociation Arts for Health

E 'was twice elected National Council of Directors of COLAP Coordination of Free Professional Associations Italian "

In 2009 was elected Vice President of the Committee of Discipline Bionaturali of the Lombardy Region, established by Regional Law 2/2005.

It 'been a consultant for Holistic Disciplines for Health of the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

Kailash Naveen

Kailash meets one's body in 1996 in the intensive training of deep massage Osho Rebalancing held in Pune, India. This meeting with the Master Osho Rebalancing and transform his life, turning her passion in conveying to others what she has received in this incontro.Pulsation, Psychic Massage, Reiki are some of the techniques learned later Osho Rebalancing, that enrich his training and his way of working with people; since 2002 also the Counseling adds to its preparation, and since then accompanies the body work that you propose to people and calling Osho Rebalancing Awareness.

Recently formed in Memory Access - which works on cellular memories of the navel and the heart. In this work experiments in particular because, beyond any technique used, the presence of what is, in the acceptance and love, allows the flow of each state, in the naturalness of its transformation. Offers individual sessions of memory access to people who are particularly open to the feel of the body or that have already received sessions of Osho Rebalancing.

Nader Butto

Dr. Nader Butto born in Nazareth, Israel.  He graduated from Medical school inTorino, Italy in 1983, completed his cardiology specialization in Israel in 1992 and in 1995 completed his training in Advanced Invasive Cardiology in France.   In 1998 Dr. Butto spent two months at Arizona Heart Hospital in Phoenix Arizona on a fellowship in peripheral vascular angioplasty such as the carotid and renal arteries . He has been working as an on-staff specialist in invasive-cardiology at the Rabin Medical Center since 1995. Presently, his main work at the hospital is coronary angiography and angioplasty, in which he dilates the stenotic coronary arteries using balloons, stents, rotablators etc.

Besides his hospital work, he is active in alternative medicine.   In his out-patient clinic, he treats a wide spectrum of disorders which are considered incurable using conventional medicine. He has developed a new therapeutic method which is based on the basic conception which combines the three different and related aspects of the human being: mind, soul, and physical body.   As part of his clinical work, he uses the Sseventh Sense as extra sensorial perception (ESP) in order not only to arrive at the physical medical diagnosis but to individualize the psychological conflict which is the root of the changes in the vital energy which lead to physical body disease.  

Since medical school, Dr. Butto has emphasized the importance of the spiritual aspect and has been drawn towards holistic medicine. After specializing in cardiology, he has continued to seek knowledge that will fill the gaps of conventional medicine.   With the Seventh Sense, he developed an energetic method that tracks down emotional conflict (and its state) which has caused the energetic block and that has eventually evolved as a physical illness. This unique method opens the energetic block and washes the body with a flow of life, energy, and vitality.  

Over the past few years, Dr. Butto has been giving lectures on his method “Unified Integrative Medicine” in Israel, Italy, and Spain Germany, Switzerland as well as practical workshops to psychologists, physicians, and therapists in Italy Germany,Switzerland and Spain. Dr. Butto spends his time both as a conventional physician specializing in invasive cardiology on the one hand and biodynamic-energetic and clinical therapy on the other hand.

In October 1998, his book was published in Italy.   This book is a product of his experience putting together the three dimensions of the human entity: mind, soul, and the physical body as a new approach for medical practice. Dr. Butto has a wide following in Italy, his book “IL SETTIMO SENSO” is a best seller since 1999,

Maurizio Meloni  
Reiki Master since 2000 the School Usui Shiki Ryoho with the offspring : Mikao Usui , Chujiro Hayashi , Takata Hawaio , Phyllis Furumoto , Karen Patton , Carolene Heart Meg Bollig , Melinda M. , De Boer Wilson , Francesca Drago , Gianluigi Coast . Since 2010 collaborates with Mara Balla for the dissemination of the method Reiki , Shiatsu Shambala at the school in Milan , holding courses and evening trade
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